Hmmmm… While this is certainly a nice prize it offers no vehicle for distribution, so it’s essentially a chance to have your book published via POD, which I’m totally fine with but I don’t know that “a new literary career” is being “launched” so much as a new POD venue is being launched.

In addition, there is no mention of who is judging this contest (none that I could find, anyway), thus it lacks a certain legitimacy for me. Not saying it’s not legit, rather do I want the good people of Xerox telling me whether my book is a winner or not? What are their criteria for choosing the “grand-prize-winning novelist”?

For what it’s worth, here’s the info:

You no longer have to be recognized by a major publishing house to produce a high-quality book.

In an effort to break down a barrier preventing millions from achieving their literary dreams, Xerox today launched its own “American Idol” for aspiring authors. The Xerox Aspiring Authors Contest aims to uncover the best unpublished novels and stop the cycle of rejection letters that keep so many from seeing their work in print. All entrants to the contest will receive one free paperback copy of their book digitally printed and fully bound.

The grand-prize-winning novelist will receive 100 published copies of his or her story, $5,000 in cash and a possible opportunity to launch a new literary career.

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