Today, my life resembles a play by Tennessee Williams.

Setting: A bog, where screeching birds teem. The sky is overcast and humidity near 90%. Hot, wet, steamy, low-light cutting through blinds.

Dramatis Personae: A woman in her 30s, feeling misunderstood and desperate. Her dog, hot, shedding, panting.

Mood: Angst ridden tempered with ennui.

Action: She is ready to clench her fists and storm from one wall to the next, beating her chest. Why? Why? Why? Ready to watch ice cubes melt in her glass as she walks out onto the terrace in her slip. Ready to grab someone by the shoulders and shake. Ready to liquefy, melt into a puddle on the floor.

Fin: Let the desperate music play and the curtain fall. Do not take a bow.

Result: Today, I am over the top. Today, I am over it. Give me strength.

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