I did not watch the entire American Idol finale. And for that I am glad.

I did, however, watch enough of it to hear the original song both contestants sang (I don’t know the title of it but one of the lyrics is something along the lines of, “I want to be inside your heaven,” which means exaclty what, I do not know) and, unfortunately for me, I heard Carrie Underwood sing it again on Entertainment Tonight last night.

Now, I’m not saying anything disparaging about your idol, America. Rather, I’m saying that the fucking song is now so stuck in my head that I have been hearing it in a nearly continuous loop (actually, I only hear that one lyric listed above) for the past two days. And when I am NOT hearing it, I’m hearing XTC’s equally annoying song, The Mayor of Simpleton, which I heard playing in a store the other day.

I’ve tried listening to other music but nothing will erase these two songs as they battle to become the American Idol of my soul.

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