We have a new neighbor. The house next door has finally sold. Allen met him—well not the one who owns it, but his cousin from Toronto. The one who owns it is a general contractor and, according to the cousin, he is excited about the expansion possibilities.

We are not so excited.

Already, I hear the circular saw wailing in the distance, sifting through my windows like Chewbacca’s moan. The house has a three car garage and all of the doors are open on it. Inside, there is a huge pickup truck and dirt bikes, etc. etc.

I see where this is going.

Walking Darby this morning I passed by this bunch (six) of women I see jogging together a lot. They never acknowledge me and pass in a cloud of perfume.

They wear perfume to go jogging.

The foxes are back, creeping across the yard at dawn and dusk. Saw one yesterday morning running from one patch of trees to the next with something in its mouth. On top of its red it had still its dingy winter coat.

I did not see its yellow eyes.

And now I am nervous so I’m chewing bubble gum until my jaw aches and wondering when the hammers will start up again. And wondering when it is time to move.

In the winter I never see the foxes, only their tracks.

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