Here are some interesting notes regarding an upcoming “film” (I wonder why it’s called a film instead of a documentary?) on Sylvia Plath (also there is information at the bottom of the column about an exhibit of Plath/Hughes papers starting in September): The latest chapter on Plath:

Trachtman’s hourlong tribute to the Wellesley-reared, Smith College-educated Plath successfully navigates some of the trickier shoals of the young poet’s biography. (Plath committed suicide at age 30 in 1963.) For instance, Plath’s husband, Ted Hughes, is portrayed as a literary Lothario, but not as a murderer who drove his wife to suicide. That revision may owe much to Diane Middlebrook’s more sympathetic portrayal of Hughes in her 2003 book, ”Her Husband: Hughes and Plath, a Marriage.”

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