Dreamt last night of my mother and stepfather on a houseboat (they did have a houseboat, so this is not so unusual). They were sleeping on the deck with two members of the crew (this is the unusual part as the boat they had was small and certainly required no crew). My mother woke up and went on one of the pontoons because she wanted some water. The pontoon stretched far, far out into the water and became very thin, like a balance beam as one walked on it. She fell off and got wet and my stepfather berated her.

I was watching all of this from a distance as though filming it. But when he berated her I was suddenly a part of the action. He was sitting in a hammock and I stepped in and told him exactly what I thought of him. His face was smug and he was smiling but I could tell that my words were doing him damage. I was happy about it.

The sad thing for me about this dream is that my stepfather was exactly as he was in life. I saw him perfectly. Whereas when I dream of my mother or father, they are all fuzzy and indistinct, now. They are not themselves.

I think I dreamt of him because March 17th is the anniversary of his death (21 years). It felt good to finally tell him off.

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