Dreamt of a building of windowless rooms and flourescent light. A bunker almost but the rooms were all either classrooms or bedrooms. I got out of my bed and went to one of the classrooms. There was a girl who was on my same school bus. She was worrying over a guy she wanted to date. I was talking with her, trying to work out strategies for how they could get together. The guy she was talking about is, in real life, her brother but in the dream we were talking as if he weren’t (even though I knew he was even then).

Later I went to another classroom. My favorite reading chair was against one wall with a blanket over it. I sat down on it but it was sodden. I stood back up and noticed that one part of the blanket was drenched as though someone had deliberately poured a glass of water on it. I was certain someone had done it on purpose.

A few people came into the room and as each new person entered, I would take him aside and tell how my chair had been made wet by some unknown culprit.

Just as I was about to tell the story again, I woke up.

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