from two nights ago:

I’m in the restaurant my family used to own and I’m bartending (which is what I used to do). In the bar with me are my mother and George Bush, Sr (!?!?!). We are all looking out one of the large windows which looks across the road and into a field and forest. It is night.

George pulls out a flash light and starts flashing it on and off, into the field. He says he is trying to catch animals. As he flashes we see a fox dart into the woods. We see a rabbit. Then he flashes into a copse of trees and we see a deer. George and my mother want to go outside to see it closer up. I follow them. We don’t cross the road, though. Instead, George uses his flashlight to get the deer to come to us. He flashes it on and off and the deer comes towards it (which, if you know anything about deer, is the most unlikely thing to happen).

My mother and George get behind me and sort of leave me up front to deal with the deer. George tells me to hold my hand out and as I do he keeps flashing the light in my palm. The deer gets closer and closer and I realize that I afraid. As it closes in on me I see that it is sniffing the air in huge, exaggerated sniffs (its face looks cartoonish as it does this). Just as it is about to sniff my palm, I wake up.

Okay, if you can interpret that I will be totally amazed.

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