Had a dream the other night that I was in prison–a coed prison, with people of all ages, children even. I had the bottom bunk and there was an old guy in the top bunk and another younger guy in a cot next to the bunk bed and then a topless (?!?!) woman on a cot next to him. We were in a sort of brightly lit hall and there were bunks and cots everywhere. There simply wasn’t room for all of the prisoners. Many people were naked. I needed a shower but opted against it when I saw that it was one of those big open showers (which even had a window looking in so passersby could look in) and, of course, the bathrooms were equally exposed. When I went back to my bunk, I felt that the two men were acting menacing so I tried to get away.

Woke up from that dream and then fell back asleep only to dream that I was hosting a dinner party. I had a dining room which was behind closed doors–kind of French doors, kitty corner to each other. At the dinner party I was telling people about my prison dream.

Last night I had another dream in which I was telling people about a dream I had just had–but I can’t remember details about any of them.

I could all have to do with the fact that I have been inhaling the fumes of liquid sander, binex and paint for the past week.

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