In Wear It, Bitch Annalee Newitz rants (brilliantly) about the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling making it legal for an employer to fire a female employee who refuses to wear makeup:

Think this through slowly and carefully, girls: if you live in the 9th Circuit (which covers California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Montana), you could be fired tomorrow if your boss decides your “uniform” for work includes makeup. Supposedly this ruling doesn’t run afoul of discrimination law because it doesn’t impose an “unequal burden” on women. Do you want to know why, ladies and germs? Because a rule for women enforcing face paint is “equal” to a rule forbidding men from wearing it. Now there’s some real smart logic. Presence is the same as absence! War is peace! Yup, it’s the kind of analysis that’s gotten very popular in the United States recently.

Read the whole story here.

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