Okay, I only remember part of this dream from last night–it involves a couple I know (I can’t remember whether there children were there or not), me, and my husband. The couple were living in a house just off the road on a side of a mountain. The lot was wooded but it got some sunlight (even though the tone of this dream was not sunny or color–it was sort of sepia). I pulled into their driveway which was dirt and then suddenly I hadn’t driven there, I had walked there (this mountain is a recurring mountain in my dreams) and Allen was with me. First there was no snow on the ground and then there was snow, melting. In the middle of their drive there was a patch of sunflowers, about 5 feet tall. They had small faces and there was snow all around their roots. The couple came out of the house and I asked them about the sunflowers. The woman told me that her husband had planted them–just scattered the seeds the year before from the last year’s crop and they grew right there. The man got pissed off and whacked a head of a sunflower. Then I think their son was in the background but he ran away behind the house.

Okay, that’s all I remember. WTF?

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