Rise in Grizzly Bear Deaths

To me, this is a big story, an important story, a scary story. If the Grizzly Bear is no longer protected in Yellowstone, then he loses one of his last safe havens. And if he loses one of his last safe havens, we are just that one step closer to wiping grizzlies out on the lower 48. When that happens, we have lost our largest predator and the already tenuous grasp we have on our ecosystems continues to loosen. Soon there will be an even larger population of coyotes and deer and then federal officials will say, “Hey, we should let folks hunt in the National Parks! yeah, why not let ’em zip in there on their atvs and skidoos and just shoot the shit out of the deer and coyotes because there’s too many of ’em and we’ve got a lot of guns!”

Okay, I’m being dramatic. But we need this big predator. He is an important part of the ecosystem. And he is beautiful. If you agree, maybe you can write to your lawmakers and tell them not to drop federal protection for Grizzly Bears.

Allen suggests we have the groups who are for dropping the protected status duke it out with the grizzlies in some sort of gladiator style and I think he might be on to something.

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