tracks today–nothing very interesting:

*my boots–I have a pair of boots which are one half size too large so that I can wear extra socks. This is good as it is two degrees.

*Darby’s pawprints–he has large paws. I think I would be able to pick them out from others–their print is like a hand in paint on white paper to me.

* snowshoes leading farther down the trail–I don’t have snowshoes myself but I should get some. My father had a pair made of cat gut. He would go out on the frozen lake at night and walk across it to visit our friends. It would be cold but clear. He must have seen so many stars.

* deer hooves–these we see all the time anyway. It would be nice to see moose tracks but I think they are gone somewhere else until spring.

* mice-they are everywhere, including my basement.

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