Okay, this dream involves two of my friends–whom I will call X (a younger fellow, who has gone through some disturbing personal trauma this past year) and Y(an older fellow who has had a nice year), me and some other person who was faceless and nameless. Both X & Y are people I have worked with previously and both are friends with my husband as well.

Okay, enough of the backstory, here’s the dream:

I am walking up a slope/hill with X. We are chatting about something–I can’t remember what. There is a sort of tram off to the left of us but it isn’t moving. At the top of the slope we can see two cars: one is mine and one belongs to Y. As X and

I are walking up, Y and the mystery person are walking down. I am wearing a very ugly paisley, polyester dress and army boots (this is, unfortunately, an actual outfit from my past). The dress is big and frumpy.

Y is within a few feet of us and he yells out to me, “Hey! You look pregnant… with twins!”

I’m pissed and say, “I wish you wouldn’t say stuff like that to me.”

Y kind of snorts and shrugs it off and keeps walking down the slope with this other person. X and I keep walking up. I’m fuming and keep saying how pissed I am at Y. We get to the top of the slope and I get in the car. X is outside and just about to open the door and get in when Y and the other guy are back up at the top of the hill. Y starts to get in his car and he’s yelling but I can’t hear him even though I know it’s about me.

X gets in the car and shuts the door but Y is still yelling. X tells me that Y said mean stuff about me, that my husband didn’t want to be with me anymore, etc. And he said he yelled it all in a Southern accent (Y is not southern). I should note, too, that along with not having a Southern accent and yet speaking with one, Y does not look like himself in this dream. He is very skinny and shorter than he is in real life. He almost looks like someone impersonating him and not really pulling it off.

The dream ended there.

Okay, so what do you make of that?

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