hmmm, I’m wondering if the anti-oxidant properties of the Yerba Mate are causing me to have nightmares.

Here’s one from two nights ago:

There was a small tiger in my yard. It looked almost like a stuffed animal or cartoon (like Hobbes). I went up to the creature and offered it my hand in the form of a fist, downturned. It took my fist in its mouth and bit down and I felt pain but then all of its teeth crumbled and so did its face.

Last night:

I was up on a hill or standing on a balcony on a hill, I’m not sure which, and on the phone with one of my sisters. She was down in the valley below and told me there had been an accident of some sort. I could then see a massive, black cloud that was shooting up from the ground–straight up, almost like a tower (yes, it looked like one of those towers). She told me to watch out and I told her to be careful. Then the thing started to dissipate, to rolled down, and the smoke and ash and debris started moving out across the valley toward me. My sister was gone from the phone and suddenly I was in my bed and the smoke and ash were all around me and I couldn’t breathe but somehow I knew I would be okay.

Okay, so what do these mean? Anyone?

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