Allen read this story to me from the paper this morning: For conservatives, ‘Merry Christmas’ becomes a cause and hearing it has left me enraged.

If these folks are truly serious about “trying to put more Christ into Christmas this season” then they should quit shopping and just go sit in a church or something and leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

And this bit in particular makes me want to go and spend every last penny in Target:

But the ”keep the Christ in Christmas” contingent is particularly agitated this year over what its members see as a troubling trend on Main Street: Target stores banning Salvation Army bell ringers

I mean I do always give money to the Salvation Army bell ringers but I wonder if the Christian right would be up in arms if Target banned the Agnostic society bell ringer or whatever. BAH humbug. bah, bah, bah.

The way I see it, this issue is not so much about free speech as it is pushing an agenda. It reeks of desperation and desperation’s friends xenophobia and fascism.

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