Watched Pieces of April the other night and it is utterly fantastic. I’ll tell you my hopes were not so high but Katie Holmes rose above Dawson’s Creek–she was sublime! And Patricia Clarkson is just to die for. All-in-all it is just an excellent movie with April’s disenfranchisement from her family representing the settlers in the New World (they are such fuck ups! how can they ever make it without us?). Yet, she succeeds. She seeks help from her neighbors, other immigrants, and provides everyone with a Thanksgiving dinner.

Patricia Clarkson as the ailing mother is perfect. She is so not likeable–downright mean at times (even when she’s mean to the perfect, irritating daughter there is sort of a cringe factor, like wow! that sucked!) but totally redeems herself with the bathroom scene when she sees herself as the impatient mother with the young girl who scurries out pulling up her tights (fuck! how poignant was that scene?).

The ending is great. It doesn’t promise too much. There’s no big “speech”–it just is what it is. I loved it.

Another Thanksgiving movie I liked was Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter (she is so good!). I loved the tense familial relationships but the whole blow up with her sister and the following attempt at reconcialition is what I remember the most. It was so honest. The whole kind of Hollywood-esque ending of the movie was irritating but forgiveable for all of its good points.

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