Yeah, sure, the presidential election is important but so is the senate race. Take this story from, for example:

If President Bush and Vice President Cheney are re-elected, if the Senate is 50-50, the Republicans would maintain control” by virtue of (Vice President Dick) Cheney’s ability to break a tie,” said Betty Koed, assistant Senate historian.

Even if Kerry wins the White House, she said in a recent interview, “The Republican vice president would be breaking the tie” from Jan. 3, when the Senate convenes, until 17 days later, when the White House shifted hands with the swearing-in of the next president

By then, Koed said, Kerry would have to resign his Senate seat to take the oath of office as president. Once again, Democrats would be shut out of the majority in the Senate, left with 49 seats to 50 for the Republicans.

This is just to say that EVERY vote counts, not just the presidential one. Read more senate race news and information here.

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