Margaret Cho is on FIRE and fearless in her editorial, Presidential Cockfight, in In These Times. To give you just a taste, here’s how she starts out:

This presidential race has become the biggest dick contest in history. “Your dick is indecisive!” “Your dick started an unnecessary war!” “Your dick didn’t get injured enough in Vietnam!” “Your dick didn’t even go to Vietnam!” “Your dick is soft on terrorism!” Has this kind of dick waggling happened before outside of a pro-wrestling context?

And she does not let up on even the most touchy of subjects:

And I’m very worried about the troops, but I’m also worried that my reproductive rights might be taken away from me. And I’m as scared of terrorism as every one else, but I’m also scared that people over here are getting arrested by the F.B.I. and the I.N.S. for having the wrong last name. And I’m so, so sorry that there’s so much starvation in Iraq and so much starvation all over the world, but I am also so, so sorry that there are young girls here starving themselves to death so that they can look like the actresses on TV.

Go, Cho, GO!

She’s touring swing states in the State of Emergency Tour–so keep your eye out for a chance to see her live.

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