I like this one: Election Scorecard

2 Comments on “Election Scorecard

  1. thanks for posting this link ~ do they update it daily? I’m going to start fanatically checking it several times a day, I just know it.

    Also wanted to pop in & say that I <>really<> enjoyed “Slip it in” over at Smokelong ~ very creepy/eerie & musical/melodic at the same time. And I loved reading your interview as well, esp. your response to the fearless/risky question. Now, STOP walking in the woods alone. Not good. Don’t do it!!!

  2. Hey Theresa,

    I’m not sure if they update it daily but I’m going to be obsessively clicking on it. I’m leery of polls and such (unless they work in the favor of my candidate, har har) because I think they are so leading, so self-fulfilling prophecy-ish, such advertising, yet I cannot keep myself away from them. Did you read the Zogby article in last week’s New Yorker?

    THANK you for your comments about Slip it In. That’s so kind of you! I appreciate it. I am surrounded by woods so I sometimes have no choice but to be alone in them and I know it’s not smart but I’m very careful and aware. Now it’s hunting season so I don’t really go into them at all except when I’m with a group.

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