A friend of mine just gave me one of the Eloisa Cartonera books from Argentina. Fantastic! I love what people are doing, which is essentially taking their short stories, poems, literary ramblings, photo-copying them and fitting them in recycled cardboard covers. Thus, they provide inexpensive literature for the masses (in a country where books are only one item too expensive for most people).

So you might say, as I did, how’s this different from an old school zine?

The answer is partly that the people involved in this venture have created a working business in which even the people who collect the cardboard make some money. And even though they are just cardboard covered copied pages–these books look cool with their brightly painted titles.

These writers are inspired, getting their words out to people who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

2 Comments on “Eloisa Cartonera–publishing in Argentina

  1. Aren’t they cool? And they are just a little bit larger than the size of a paperback so people can carry them on the train or whatever and read them. It’s just such a genuis idea. I could totally see you being involved in something like this, Joe, empowering writers to get their words out.

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