Kerry was on top in last night’s debate. Especially brilliant was his response to this notion that he is “wishy-washy”:

the president didn’t find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so he’s really turned his campaign into a weapon of mass deception.

Kerry was personable without being pandering. He was statesmanlike without being dour. He was compassionate without being obsequious. He was intelligent without being condescending. Basically,he was everything that one could hope for in a president.

Bush, on the other hand, was, well, a bit rabid. A bit too fervent. A lot defensive. Angry. Scolding (scolding even of the question askers, it seemed at times). He came off as parental, and not in a good way parental–but in the because-I-say-so way. And, come on, his voice: the tone, the pitch of it–is annoying.

So, the polls are saying that the debate was a tie but if you watched it, you’d probably agree with me that Kerry was the winner and will be the winner because when all is said and done, Kerry promises change and Bush promises more of the same. And if you read the headlines this morning (lackluster jobs’ numbers, horrific beheadings in Iraq, terrorism resurgent in Afghanistan etc etc), more of the same is just not good enough.

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