I was so keyed up. I was ready, man! Bring it on, Cheney! BRING IT!!! Yeah. I ate a half a bag of tootsie roll midgets in nervous anticipation of last night’s vice presidential debate. And boy was it worth it.

Before it started, Allen said to me, “Why do you think Edwards is going to be so good? He might disappoint you, you know?” But I knew he wouldn’t. Not my John Boy.

And for the most part, Edwards was stellar. On point, on topic, hammering, chipping, poking away at the smug Cheney, the scolding Cheney, the obfuscating Cheney. Edwards came right out of the gate with a one-two punch. And oh boy, oh boy did it feel GREAT.

Now much of the mainstream media and pollsters will tell you that Cheney “won” the debate but the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Edwards was out there. He was strong. He defended Kerry. He made his party proud.

Okay, so the one time when I cringed was when the topic was same sex marriage and Edwards made that weird comment about Cheney’s daughter. WTF was up with that? I thought it was a) weird; b) pointless; c) inappropriate for him to bring personal life into political debate. BUT I also felt like Edwards was uncomfortable saying it. He sort of fell apart for a few minutes after it, became flustered. Ergo, I think it was not his choice to say that—as though he were sort of forced into it. Whatever, I hope he can move on from it (and change his archaic views that marriage is between a man and woman).

Now, if Kerry can keep the next debate focused on the economy and health care we’ll be cooking!

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