Edwards vs. Cheney–oh is this going to be interesting! I really can’t wait. You want reality tv? These debates are reality tv. They are showing us what we’re going to live with for the next four years. This one or that one. Someone who speaks for your ideals or someone who is the antithesis of them.

Watching Kerry in the debate last week gave me a feeling akin to watching Smarty Jones pulling forward at the last second and just tear assing down the final stretch, leaving the other horses in the distance.

He was that good.

I have high hopes for Edwards. Apparently, he’s brilliant in the court room. I have a feeling he is going to shine.

War is supposedly going to be high on the agenda (as it should be, because it is the most newsworthy topic day in and day out as more and more die. Take this story, for example.). I wonder if Halliburtonwill be mentioned?

Okay, so if you don’t have a televsion, then listen to the debate on the radio, or read about it online. Do something though–pay attention! Don’t be apathetic, please.


2 Comments on “Debate tonight–don’t you dare forget to watch it!

  1. The whole world has his eyes on this election. The whole world is with the Democrats, like here in Portugal. I think Bush will drive us for another World War, with no end. Wish you luck.

  2. Hello Hermes,

    Thank you so much for your comment.It thrills me to read such view points from other countries. I hope that in a few weeks we will have a new president who is open to listening as well!

    Best wishes,

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