I was glued to the debate last night. GLUED. Thought Kerry did a stellar job–except that he didn’t look into the camera enough. I wanted him to make eye contact with America by staring into that damn camera like Bush did. But Allen made a good point–that when Kerry was making a exceptional point and in the very last bit of his final words, he looked into the camera. I know it’s not the sort of thing one should worry about but I do believe that it would help to boost his likeability.

I find Kerry likeable, but then I live in New England and am used to people who keep close to the chest and who are not afraid to speak with strength and intelligence. Kerry proved that he would make a fine president; one who can speak intelligibly, who can maintain facts in his head, who understands issues greater than his own backyard.

Basically, I thought Kerry was spot on. His voice was calm and clear, his points lucid and his hand gestures firm and empathetic (is it possible for a hand gesture to be empathetic?).

Bush was all slogan and no substance. He kept repeating the same anti-Kerry slogans over and over again so that those of us who are sensitive to that sort of thing can suck it up. We were impressed, though, that the one time he said nuclear, he managed to pronounce it correclty (ever notice how he avoids saying it and says “weapons of mass destruction” instead? Of course, that could also be part of his Bible rhetoric).

Anyway, can’t wait for the rest of the debates. The VP one should be very interesting!

While we’re waiting, how about checking out this Editorial from Bush’s hometown newspaper, endorsing Kerry.

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