I got The Da Vinci Code out of the library last year and returned it unread. I’m not typically snobbish about what I read but I had built this book up in my mind as something spectacular (because all my friends and family were urging me to read it) that when the prose on the first few pages did not wow me I was disappointed.

Finally, I have given in and have now read it. I do love a good thriller and this one is great. What I enjoyed about the book was the story within the story, i.e. the search for the Holy Grail, the proposed meaning of the Holy Grail, etc. I liked that it takes place in Paris and the UK. I liked all the stuff about Da Vinci and the sacred feminine. I also really liked the ending. Basically, once I let go of my inner copy editor, it was a good read.

What I didn’t like so much was the sort of Scooby Doo aspect of the plot (“if it weren’t for these meddling kids, we would have gotten away with it, too!”), the wooden characters (the main character, Langdon, is sort of clichéd and is given a dialogue affect of often exclaiming questions—very irritating!), and, as I’ve already stated, some of the less artful aspects of the prose.

Still, Brown is a good teacher and presents his thesis in an interesting way. I was intrigued by his ideas and am eager to learn more.

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