Okay, so I am absolutely VILE for not always reading litrahtooor, but sometimes I need to cleanse my palate and, you know, just read for fun and entertainment.

Anyway, I read a couple of fun books this past weekend, both handed over to my by friends (i.e. I didn’t buy them).

Being Committed by Anna Maxted (think this one is only out in the UK at present): a fun and often hilarious book about Hannah, a private detective with fear of committment which ruins her life. When the book opens she is turning down the proposal of her boyfriend with IBS, Jason (he has just finished being “sick” in the toilet when he proposes–and he’s right by the toilet as he does so). From there we follow her through her path of self-discovery (and find out the root of her fear) and into the arms of her true love. This book doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is and for that I really liked it.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger: Liked (well, maybe enjoyed would be a better word here than liked) this book more than I expected to. It gets off to a rocky start, writingwise (lots of cliche ridden language). I thought I was going to end up giving up on it after a few pages, but I was hooked. The main character paints herself as something of a martyr for most of it (and I’m still really not sure what she’s learned by the end of it other than that she hated her horrible job. To which I felt like saying, umm, it’s better than cleaning toilets, princess) but she is likeable in that she is so put upon by her evil bitch of a boss. Okay, so there’s not much that’s going to stay with me in regards to this novel, but it was a fun read for a sunny, Sunday afternoon.

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