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an exploration of Boston Crime writers

Once Upon Crime in this past Sunday’s The Boston Globe Magazine explores just what it is about Boston that breeds such talented crime writers as Dennis Lehane and Robert B. Parker (among others). One conclusion drawn is: But there is something besides aesthetics that Boston has over many other cities, and that’s an unbelievably emotional history of strife, tension, and disappointment. From the tea … Read More an exploration of Boston Crime writers

Their parents must be so proud!

Teens claim to set new TV-viewing record: A pair of teenagers who spent more than two straight days publicly glued to a television set say they have set a new world record for uninterrupted TV viewing.

these people are us, george singleton

These People Are Us is a fantastic collection. Loved everything about it. Found it brilliant in voice, humor and poignancy. The stories are mostly relationship stories (man and woman), covering all the bases from a man who ends up with his wife’s sister to a man who caulks his entire house (my favorite story in the collection, “Caulk”) because his wife is such a … Read More these people are us, george singleton

A Decade of Reading Essay Contest is hosting the Decade of Reading Essay Contest to celebrate ten years of online bookselling. The author of the best essay will win $1,000 in books and ten runners-up will receive $100 in books.

star: a novel

I don’t know if you know this or not but Pamela Anderson has a new “novel” out entitled Star: A Novel. Best as I can tell, it’s a thinly veiled autobiography that doesn’t really tell all. has an excerpt, tantalizingly titled “Flower Duet“. To give you a clue of the earth shattering prose, I offer this snippet of dialogue: “Thank you, you darling … Read More star: a novel

"the carrying power of the word"

Sven Birkerts‘ “Submission Guidelines” (from AGNI #59) is an honest and revealing look at Birkerts’ process of deciding what stays (and gets further reading) and what goes (into the reject bin)from AGNI‘s slush pile. It would be easy to take Birkerts to task for “making editorial judgments based in many cases on a reading of a paragraph or two of prose, sometimes less”, but … Read More "the carrying power of the word"

Squaw Valley Community of Writers Workshop–2004

Just back from the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Workshop. It was an intense week of daily three hour workshop and then panels, readings and conferences, which lasted from 9am-9pm (+). I am exhausted and invigorated. Along with the focus on one’s own writing, there was the generous sharing of the work of published authors. We were treated to so many readings that my … Read More Squaw Valley Community of Writers Workshop–2004

poem for 7/19/04

Worms Sandra Alcosser

some stuff I’ve read in june

Working Men, Michael Dorris: Loved it (most of it. I think I skipped one story). It was haunting and familiar. Regardless of the mystique around Dorris’ personal life, the guy could write. The Little Disturbances of Man, Grace Paley: Wow. Her sense of voice is unparalleled. There was one story in particular that had me bawling my eyes out. It was the one of … Read More some stuff I’ve read in june

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