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2019: A Year in Preview On Loving

December 2016 was the last time I did a year in preview. I was in a pretty dark place. What I didn’t know was how right I was about 2017 (except for the colonoscopy part. I didn’t have that until 2018). The one huge thing I didn’t know was how fully and deeply I would fall in love in 2017. How I would find … Read More 2019: A Year in Preview On Loving



I hold anxiety in my breath like a flameless candle, burning and unburnt. The bones of my hips hold memories, chipped, melting into my womb. My fingers hold malice and death, grasping at cruelty with tips made rough by want. The long bones of my thighs hold the night we found each other. Open, unafraid. Your love exists in the skin pushed taut across … Read More paper

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