December 2016 was the last time I did a year in preview. I was in a pretty dark place. What I didn’t know was how right I was about 2017 (except for the colonoscopy part. I didn’t have that until 2018).

The one huge thing I didn’t know was how fully and deeply I would fall in love in 2017. How I would find this miraculous partner in life. How at this time in my life when most people are winding down, I would continue to build up and reach for the future with a man I love by my side. We took 2018 by storm, buying a house and moving our family. Giving ourselves the space to stretch out with a lawn and a creek and a beaver dam (with an actual beaver in it). It’s been quite a year, as was 2017 before it.

Let this be a reminder to you, out of your darkness there is always the opportunity for light.

Now it’s time to keep moving.

In 2019,

I will witness my beloved child as he graduates from elementary school.

I will write again.

I will continue to teach my workshop students and expand the circle outward to bring in more students.

I will continue therapy.

I will fully and completely love my ever-expanding family.

Wishing you all peace and light.



1 Comment on “2019: A Year in Preview On Loving

  1. 2019. Bring it on. You are ready. Continued good work. Looking forward to your writing again.
    Best to Henry. He has wonderful caring parents.

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