It is the coldest day of winter so far. Well below zero. We are up before sunrise and loading the baby in the car because today is the day I become an American citizen. I have lived in this country since I was 11 but as I was brought here and did not come by choice, my decision was a long time in coming. My wish was to become an American before the vote in November so that I could vote for Barack Obama. I missed out by several months but for his inauguration, I will be one of you.

I am sitting with my fellow immigrants. I have a mixture of emotions. Fear, a slight tinge of sadness, but mostly I feel joy. The wait in the courtroom is long but we don’t mind. We have all been waiting a long time for this day and we approach it with determination.

Soon the judge is before us and we pledge ourselves to this country, the United States of America. We were not born here but we choose to remain here among you, as one of you.

Today, I pledge myself to you again, my fellow Americans. I pledge myself to you citizens, and immigrants, and I especially pledge myself to those of you who are the most vulnerable, including the undocumented, who are still protected under our laws.

I face these dark days with my heart full of love for this country and her people and though I resist the terrifying change before us, I am still one of you and will be forevermore.



6 Comments on “8 Years Ago Today I Became an American Citizen

  1. Where are you from originally, Myfanwy? I always guessed that your name was Irish, but I saw somewhere that its origin is Welsh. Same ‘geographical neighborhood’, different island ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. BTW, American is happy to have you. It is a bummer that you missed that first voting deadline (given the historical significance, etc.), but at least we had ya for the second go ’round ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. greetings myfanwy.

    I fell in love with your writing after reading, I Am Holding Your Hand. I am an old writer, living my dream of writing fiction after working for the city, state and federal government all my life. There is so much more to your writing than I Am Holding Your Hand. After winning a seat in a Kathy Flash workshop I was introduced to “segmented/mosaic writing.” I fell in love with that. I am now going to read your States of Residency just as I read her A House With Many Small Beds. I am studying what holds the segments together. I am a rather methodical flash fiction writer but then I can only see things through my life’s experiences which were all in the civil service. I will look for another collection of short stories by you and go on Amazon…..unless I can buy directly from you?

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