For the past couple of years I have been posting a year in preview as opposed to a year in review. It was meant to be both tongue-in-cheek and hopeful. Clearly, I had no idea how much hubris was involved in these posts.

In my defense, I never posted absolutes. It was mostly about the emotional life of a human. But even that, as we know, is not so easily plotted.

In fact, the beauty of malleable human emotion is why I am a writer. We are both predictable and unpredictable. Done and undone in a moment.

In the last half of this year, people have approached me with dismay, with pity, with compassion, with anger, with empathy, with sadness, with disdain, with happiness, with warmth, with love, with fellowship.

Then there are those who have simply drifted away as though that had always been the best choice. Maybe it was.

I am both ghost and bleeding human. My heart beats and is extinguished. As does your heart.

All I can tell you right now about the year ahead is that the people I love best are alive and living. That our lives are full of lightness and dark. Happiness and anguish. Our lives are like all human life: Both extraordinary and blissfully ordinary.

All I can tell you for sure is that we are in a constant state of becoming.

So my wish for 2016 is this: Become with me. Become.




4 Comments on “2016: A Year in Preview, On Becoming.

  1. Lovely! I have had a year of unbelievable change and struggle myself. Though I’ve never said a word, I’ve taken strength from your grace, courage, and honesty. Thank you!

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