It was about a pregnant chambermaid. It was about the shifting skin. It was about a Scottish fisherman. It was about the color orange. It was about busting out of here. It was about your eyelids. It was about loneliness. It was about a homemade kitchen table, blue light at dusk, ice-cold root beer, and selling your car to a stranger. It was about Hank Williams.





1 Comment on “whippoorwhill

  1. Echos of that lonesome whippoorwill.

    Goodbye Joe
    © Gerard C. Smith

    Hank Williams in a Cadillac
    Never made that Canton act
    He lay down his head and died
    Fans by the millions cried

    Back seat of that Cadillac
    Sure wasn’t a heart attack
    It was livin’ wild, livin’ fast
    Shootin’ up when he passed

    Ole Hank he had his fill
    Of lonely mansion on the hill
    No jambalaya or crawfish pie
    On the day he chose to die

    Hank lived the honky-tonk life
    Cheated some on his wife
    Swilled quarts of brown liquor
    OD on horse made it quicker

    I was a kid, about fifteen
    When old Hank quit the scene
    Went to the devil that’s my bet
    It’s mine too says daughter Jet

    So old Hank went away
    Not to return another day
    To row a pirogue on the Bayou
    He tipped his Stetson and said bye you

    Or maybe it was goodbye Joe
    I got a row to hoe, gotta go;
    I’ll tell it straight, tell it level
    I gotta go and meet the devil

    So we lament that Hank passed on
    We could not believe he was gone
    That country songs he’d write no more
    Old Hank’s locked behind devil’s door

    GCSmith ©2005
    Note: Nineteen hundred and fifty-three, country singer Hank Williams Sr., 29, died of a drug and alcohol overdose while en route to a concert date in Canton, Ohio.

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