The MFA Boston was packed to the rafters yesterday and while crowds displease me, this one made me sort of happy. I’m delighted to see that there are so many people out and about to look at art–and Friday isn’t even the free day!

So we went to see the Ansel Adams before it closes. I enjoyed the older photos and was taken with this photo of Georgia O’Keefe with their guide in Canyon de Chelly (a place I have not visited and should have). And though I had seen copies of it before, Aspens, Northern New Mexico brought me to tears.

But the most fun we had yesterday was when we wandered around after the visit. Allen really wanted to go to the Himalayan room and I’m glad we did becasue there we found the Tibetan sculpture Vajrabhairava and Consort, which is not only anatomically correct, but the two pieces can be detached from each other.

Reading more on Vajrabhairava, here is what I find:

Vajrabhairava is a wrathful manifestation of Manjusri, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. His is the enduring, adamantine wisdom of ultimate reality which triumphs over suffering and death. He is known also as Yamantaka because he is the conqueror of Yama, the Lord of Death, who appears with the face of a buffalo. Of Vajrabhairava’s nine heads, the central one is that of the buffalo, symbolic of his defeat over Yama. The top-most head is that of Manjusri himself. Because of his manifold power Vajrabhairava was called upon to oppose all enemies of the doctrine, to keep the uninitiated away from the tantras.

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